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Back To School Reminders From UEA Legal

Another new school year means dusting off some of those things that you may have forgotten during the Summer.

UEA’s legal department is here to help you navigate any rough patches you might encounter throughout your education career.

Below are brief reminders of some important district policies and UEA advice:

      • You are required to report any arrest to your immediate supervisor (Usually within 2-3 business days, depending on your district).
      • If you are under investigation by the district for misconduct, you may have the right to have a representative present.
      • You have 10 business days to respond in writing to an observation, summative, or any other write-up with which you disagree. Always request your response be attached to the document.
      • To ensure that the district has your correct years of service to determine your pay schedule, make sure you double-check your first pay stub.
      • Never resign your position without consulting with your association.
      • Limit use of district e-mail to district business only.
      • Teachers are entitled to a daily 30-minute duty-free lunch.
      • Teachers are entitled to a minimum of 450 minutes of planning and preparation time every two weeks.
      • If you are returning from a leave of absence (and cleared by the doctor to return to work, with or without restrictions) and the district is maintaining your employment, but in an unpaid status pending your placement/reassignment, you are entitled to apply for unemployment benefits.
      • Never, EVER, touch a student when you are visibly upset or when redirecting a defiant student- this is a sure way to have an allegation made against you.
      • When in doubt about what to do in a situation, seek the advice of your administrators (In writing and via email is always best).

UEA understands what it is like. We know that if you have problems, they will probably be in the areas of instruction or discipline. UEA has an excellent staff to help with instructional concerns and a legal team to deal with allegations of misconduct against you. The biggest mistake we see our members make is waiting until it is too late to request assistance from UEA. Don’t make that mistake.  Please don’t hesitate to call.

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