Classroom Tips

Student Engagement

Student Engagement Authentic Engagement and Student-Centered Learning The concept of student engagement has been sharpened and clarified over the years.  Gone are the days of lecture-style teaching where engagement meant students were compliant, sitting still, and focused on the teacher.  Today, education is moving away from teacher-led instruction to student-centered learning.  You will hear buzz …

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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans KNOW THE DIFFERENCE With the implementation of T-TESS, it is important to know the difference in the components of instruction.  Many times educators are expected to write lesson plans that explain in detail the planning process and every aspect of the lesson cycle resulting in ten to sometimes twenty-page lesson plans.  It is …

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Documentation is the Key

Documentation Is The Key Document! Document! Document! How many times have we heard this in education?  Proactive and effective documentation is a great tool.  More importantly, being able to share the documentation with parents, students, colleagues, and administration makes it powerful.  Whether you are planning instruction, meeting with a parent, participating in a 504 or …

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Classroom Discipline Tips

The No-Surprise Evaluation Almost every teacher has experienced the frustration of trying to manage an unruly student. Some have even come to the point of sending the student to the office with instructions saying, “Kill this one,” or “I never want to see this student again.” In all likelihood, neither will happen. There are laws …

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Preparing For Your Substitute

Preparing For Your Substitute Below you will find suggestions to help you prepare for the day that you might be absent. A folder containing the following information and kept in your desk will be helpful to both you and your substitute. A. Daily Schedule: Prepare a schedule of daily activities for each day of the …

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Working With Parents

Working with Parents It happens every day. Something goes wrong at school. A student goes home and tells his parents. The parents call their favorite school board member. The school board member calls the superintendent. The superintendent calls the principal. At last, someone tells the teacher. Now the teacher must look for help. Too many …

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