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TRS and Retirement: TRS-Care

What do I need to know when signing up for the TRS Care Insurance?

If I plan to take the TRS Care Health Insurance, is the insurance form in the packet with the other forms?

No!  You must send in the other forms and then TRS will automatically send you the insurance application.  You should make every effort to send the other forms in to TRS at least 8 weeks prior to needing the insurance.  Remember, TRS must send you the insurance application and you must return it to TRS prior to your insurance starting date.  If you are under 65, the monthly cost is $220 individual, $689 retiree and spouse, $408 retiree and child, and $999 family.  If you are 65 or older with Medicare, the cost is $135 for retiree and $529 for retiree and spouse.

If you are under 65 and have not received your insurance application within three weeks after mailing in your TRS forms, call TRS at 1-888-237-6762 and ask why.  If you will be 65 and signing up for the TRS Medicare Advantage Plan and have not received your application within 60 days of the insurance starting date, call TRS at 1-888-237-6762.  Medicare requires that your signature on the insurance application be within 90 days of starting the Medicare Advantage Plan.

If I want TRS Care insurance, when do I need to send in the application?

You must complete the application and return it to TRS by the last day of the month that is three consecutive months after your effective retirement date. (Since most teachers retire the last day of May, the insurance application must be returned to TRS by the last day of August to start TRS Care on September 1 when your school district insurance will stop.) Or the month that is three consecutive calendar months following the month in which TRS receives your retirement application (TRS30).  In the event that the three consecutive calendar months provided allow less than ninety days to return the application, then ninety days shall be provided for the to return the insurance form.  

Can I waive TRS Care coverage and continue to be covered under spousal insurance?

If you are covered by a spouse’s insurance, you may waive your TRS Care coverage.  You and your spouse may come back to TRS Care if your spouse loses his/her coverage, or when the teacher turns 65.  To waive coverage, you simply do not return the insurance application the you will receive.

When will the TRS Care insurance start?

If you retire at the end of the school year, you may start the TRS care insurance as early as June 1.  Most teachers ask the school district to continue coverage through August, and start TRS Care September 1.  You must start TRS Care within 90 days of your retirement date.  If you retire at semester and your semester ends in December, your TRS Care Insurance will start January 1. If your semester ends in January, your TRS insurance will start February 1. 

If I am taking TRS Care insurance and I am approaching 65, what should I do?

If you plan to continue the TRS medical insurance, three months prior to becoming 65 you need to contact Social Security and sign up for Medicare parts A and B, and start parts A and B on the month you turn 65.  You can go to www.ssa.gov and sign up for Medicare A and B online.  TRS will need to see proof that you have Medicare parts A and B and then they will automatically convert your insurance to the TRS Medicare Advantage Plan.  TRS will automatically take care of your part D, prescription coverage, if you take the TRS Medicare Advantage Plan.

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