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Preparing For Your Substitute

Below you will find suggestions to help you prepare for the day that you might be absent. A folder containing the following information and kept in your desk will be helpful to both you and your substitute.

A. Daily Schedule:

Prepare a schedule of daily activities for each day of the week. Be sure to include such activities as lunch, planning period, any recess and your seating chart.

B. Where To Find:

    • Teacher editions of textbooks.
    • Lesson plans (You should have a special general plan for the substitute).
    • Supplies, A.V. equipment
    • School supply room
    • Class lists, seating chart
    • Other important information

C. Procedures:

    • Opening: Lunch count, attendance, chores, etc.
    • Lunch: Needed information
    • Dismissal: Exact time, buses, duties
    • Fire Drill: Plan of action, signals
    • Privileges: Restroom, drinking fountain, library, etc.
    • Discipline plan, behavior procedures, contact person in office or team
    • Help: someone who will be supportive and can answer questions

D. Other Procedures:

    • Student illness during the class
    • Rainy day
    • Special class signals (voice, lights, other)
    • Free time activities
    • Names of parents or volunteers, and their duties

E. Other Information:

    • Children with special needs: (physical, emotional, medical)
    • Children who go to special classes (class and time)
    • Additional information or instructions
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