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Special Education Placement

Sometimes a student initially placed in a standard classroom is unable to function there. When this happens, it is the teacher’s responsibility to ask for a “more restrictive” environment for the student. It is also the responsibility of the teacher to provide adequate documentation for the request to remove the student. When determining a student’s placement, the ARD Committee must justify its actions each time a student is removed from the general education environment and placed in a self-contained instructional arrangement or on a separate campus. When a student is removed from general education, the ARD Committee must document in the student’s folder the modifications that were made or considered to keep the student in general education. This documentation must explain why the modifications, including supplementary aids and services, were accepted or rejected. Remember, it is up to the party requesting the more restrictive environment to prove the need for such action.

When Should A Student Be Placed In A More Restrictive Environment?

There are several reasons why the standard classroom may not be the most appropriate place for a student. If placement other than on a standard campus is recommended, the ARD Committee documents the specific supplementary aids and services first considered or tried in supporting the student on the standard campus and why they were rejected. Removing a student from the standard classroom may be justified under the following circumstances:

      • The modifications required for the student to achieve the goals and objectives in his/her IEP cannot be implemented in the standard classroom without eliminating essential components of the standard curriculum/activity.
      • Being in the standard classroom prohibits the student from achieving the goals and objectives contained in the IEP even though supplementary aids and services are used.
      • Implementing the student’s behavior management plan means that other students would not benefit satisfactorily from academic instructions or nonacademic activities.

Remember, it is up to the teacher to provide documentation to the ARD Committee of problems and concerns about the impact of modifications. It may also be up to the teacher to request a meeting of the ARD Committee and to initiate a request for the student to be relocated to a more restrictive environment. This request must be based on reasons listed above

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