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Contract Quick Reference

Contract Quick Reference I. Probationary – End of Term Renew: Automatically renewed if not given notice in the time frame required under state law. Termination: Notice must be given by the 10th calendar day before the last day of instruction required by the contract. Standard of review – None. No specific reason for termination is

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FAQ: Special Education

FAQ: Special Education What is the responsibility of the teacher regarding modification? The standard classroom teacher is expected to modify methods, materials, and pacing so that students with special needs can benefit from instruction in the well-balanced curriculum within a standard classroom. What do the rules say about help for the classroom teacher? State board

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Special Education Overview

Special Education Placement Sometimes a student initially placed in a standard classroom is unable to function there. When this happens, it is the teacher’s responsibility to ask for a “more restrictive” environment for the student. It is also the responsibility of the teacher to provide adequate documentation for the request to remove the student. When

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Special Education Overview

Special Education Overview In 1975, Congress passed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. This act guarantees to all children a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive environment that will promote academic and social development. For years, special needs children were segregated from the rest of the children in the school. We called

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