Classroom Discipline Tips

The No-Surprise Evaluation Almost every teacher has experienced the frustration of trying to manage an unruly student. Some have even come to the point of sending the student to the office with instructions saying, “Kill this one,” or “I never want to see this student again.” In all likelihood, neither will happen. There are laws …

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The No-Surprise Evaluation

The No-Surprise Evaluation It is no secret that education is filled with unknowns and variables that impact each school day. However, there is one place where there should be no surprises: your annual evaluation. Whether you are a para-professional, teacher, bus driver, custodian, or counselor, the end of the year evaluation should not be an …

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T-TESS: Pre-Conference

T-TESS: Pre-Conference How important is the pre-conference? The T-TESS Pre-Conference is just as important as the actual observation. The information gathered will be used to score all of Domain 1: Planning and parts of Domain 2: Instruction. It is imperative that you are well-versed in the criteria in all dimensions in the T-TESS Rubric. Know …

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T-TESS: Year End Conference

T-TESS: Year End Conference What is the T-TESS Year End Conference? The end-of-year conference is for teachers and appraisers to review the information collected throughout the year, summarize the current year, and prepare for the next year. It is important to note that you are an active participant in this process. Be prepared to review, …

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T-TESS: Measuring Student Growth

T-TESS: Measuring Student Growth The T-TESS evaluation system for teachers is based on a continuous growth model. Growth includes both teacher and student. Each annual evaluation monitors how the teacher grows professionally as a well as how much the student learns throughout the year. Although teachers have been setting goals since the start of the …

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Contract Quick Reference

Contract Quick Reference I. Probationary – End of Term Renew: Automatically renewed if not given notice in the time frame required under state law. Termination: Notice must be given by the 10th calendar day before the last day of instruction required by the contract. Standard of review – None. No specific reason for termination is …

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