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The No-Surprise Evaluation

It is no secret that education is filled with unknowns and variables that impact each school day. However, there is one place where there should be no surprises: your annual evaluation. Whether you are a para-professional, teacher, bus driver, custodian, or counselor, the end of the year evaluation should not be an “I gotcha!” Know what to expect and look for when it comes to your job performance throughout the year.

Best practices for the evaluation process

Evaluation Rules and Procedures
The evaluation and rules should be clear at the beginning of the school year. Meet with your supervisor or appraiser to make sure you know the rules, before you play the game.

Present and Visible
The evaluator should be present and visible throughout the year. Providing feedback consistently is the best way to promote continuous growth.

Two-way Dialogue
Both parties actively listening and participating in the process will promote continuous growth and a sound evaluation.

Documentation is Key
Throughout the process, written and timely documentation with both grows and glows is the best way to ensure all parties are on the same page. This includes the option for the employee to respond to the appraiser and ask for support if needed.

Growth Opportunities
Providing meaningful opportunities to grow is essential to the evaluation process. The “one-strike” rule should never apply when concerns are raised. All parties should assume positive intent and provide a chance for remediation before the evaluation is negatively impacted.

T-TESS rules regarding documentation which will affect teacher’s evaluations

Texas Education Code §150.1003: Appraisals, Data Sources, and Conferences.
(f) The certified appraiser is responsible for documentation of the cumulative data identified in subsection (b)(6) of this section. Any third-party information from a source other than the certified appraiser that the certified appraiser wishes to include as cumulative data shall be verified and documented by the certified appraiser. Any documentation that will influence the teacher’s summative annual appraisal report must be shared in writing with the teacher within 10 working days of the certified appraiser’s knowledge of the occurrence. The principal shall also be notified in writing of the cumulative data when the certified appraiser is not the teacher’s principal.

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