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A Guide to T-TESS, Part III: Post Observation Conference

After your appraiser conducts a formal observation they must conduct a post-observation conference with you within ten working days.

After your appraiser conducts a formal observation under the T-TESS evaluation system, your appraiser must conduct a post-observation conference with you within ten working days. 

The post-observation conference is an excellent time to share your thoughts on the lesson observed. Your appraiser has been trained to ask “leading” questions during this time to help lead the discussion. The purpose of the post-observation conference is to reinforce areas of strength and identify areas for growth. It is to be diagnostic and prescriptive. You can find examples of questions appraisers may ask by clicking here

You will receive a written report that has a rating for all dimensions witnessed by your appraiser during the formal observation. It is important to note that this written report is only to be given to you after a discussion has occurred about areas of refinement and areas for reinforcement. 


Be prepared for your post-observation conference.  It is a good idea to jot down your thoughts of the formal observation shortly after it occurs while it is fresh in your mind.  Look over the sample appraiser conferencing questions so you know what you should expect from your appraiser.  Provide input into your areas of strength and areas for improvement.  The written report you receive can be revised based on the input you provide.

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